Low maintenance luxury

Client: Winifred

‘I am pleased to say that I have been extremely satisfied with the work carried out by Brett Cowan and Southern Rainforest. The landscape, design & construction work is of excellent standard & I have no hesitation recommending Brett for this type of work.’

Suburb: Glen Iris

Project: Back Garden

Duration: 8 weeks

Scope: Transform labour intensive yard into low maintenance and enjoyable garden


Backyard was a mix of different materials and was constant upkeep, as well as not being very useable. Bluestones were reused as an edge, whilst other materials were recycled.


IMG_1238 IMG_1239 IMG_1240 IMG_1244


Footings were installed and blockwork constructed. Due to narrow access, all material had to be wheeled in by hand.

IMG_2971 IMG_2977 IMG_2998 IMG_3004


After compaction, reinforced concrete slab was installed and paving laid, grouted and sealed. Other additions were, synthetic turf, clothesline, sideway stepping stones, bluestone path, steps, edge and mulching.



Balwyn Backyard

Clients: Sally & Rob

Suburb: Balwyn

Project: Backyard

Duration: 5 – 6 weeks

Scope: Clients had tried previously to landscape garden, though were extremely time poor and as such could not complete project. Being engineers they designed lay out and positioning of wall. Was quite complex due to clients not wanting drains or grates and so all paved area had to fall away from house and at the same time not pool along wall.

Process: On east side of house  paving commenced with a small courtyard


Then work commenced on westside of house, pool and paving was to remain, though everything else was to go.

Then clean up began and the construction of the great wall began.


Once complete concrete base was installed.


Then paving of 800 x 400 sandstone was laid.