Launching Place rainforest nursery barn at lock up

Client: Southern Rainforest

Suburb: Launching Place

Project: Build American Barn/first rainforest nursery to lock up

Duration: 12 weeks

Scope: Construct treated pine frame, clad with reclaimed Cypress windbreaks. This will facilitate nursery operations


Slab was allowed to cure and then set out began. Eric Voorzaat from Bushblend Homes was the contracted carpenter.



Above: On left Eric Voorzaat from Bushblend Homes, thanks so much for all your brilliant work, very talented and the barn doors are a work of art. Brett Cowan, Managing Director of Southern Rainforest and Darren Bourne on right who tirelessly oiled all the Cypress cladding and a whole lot more.

Above: Brett Cowan pictured with his wonderful and loving family. Thanks to my wife Lauren and children Maddie and Zach for all your patience, support, commitment and focus.